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13 issues in 2014
96 pages
Page size:
185x255mm (7.3"x10")
Cover price:
2.75 (GBP)
Currently on sale:
Issue 338
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14 May 2014
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Puzzler Collection

Puzzler Collection is the biggest-selling puzzle magazine in the UK.

There are more than 120 puzzles in each 96-page issue. The majority of these, now a familiar sight in many copycat publications, were to be found first of all in Puzzler Collection. There are many exceptional puzzles that, thanks to the dedication of the small team of experienced compilers, remain unequalled elsewhere, including Continuity, Honeycomb, Roundabout and the unique Round Tour. The magazine continues to search for excellence and originality. For example, the numerical crossword, a relatively recent addition, has become a firm favourite, and Puzzler Collection was the first British magazine to feature Kross-Filler, another very popular puzzle. The editor welcomes and replies to all letters; the winning combination of puzzles has always been influenced by reader feedback.

In each issue there are two cash competitions totalling 2,025. The maximum jackpot to be won is 1,000. There are occasional seasonal competitions.

The classic appearance of Puzzler Collection, a magazine in which the quality of the puzzles is paramount, reflects its long association with Puzzler.

Puzzles included:

4-Square, Alphabetical Jigsaw, Arroword, Backwards, Boxwise, Bracer, Chain Gang, Codeword, Continuity, Cross-Quiz, Crossword, Cryptic Crossword, Dateline, Dilemma, Dot-To-Dot, Double Acrostic, Fitword, Honeycomb, Jolly Mixtures, Knot Or Not?, Kriss Kross, Linkword, Logic Problem, Missing Links, Number Jig, Numerical Crossword, Pairs, Pathfinder, Pieceword, Riddle, Roundabout, Round-Tour, Silhouette, Skeleton Crossword, So Complete!, Spiral, Step Ladder, Story Crossword, Sum-Up, Tangled Lines, Two-By-Two, Word Chain, Word Maze, Wordsearch