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13 issues in 2014
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14 May 2014
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Still going strong after 40 years, Puzzler offers a stimulating selection of traditional and popular puzzles with a range of difficulty levels. It is a monthly publication featuring an average 60 puzzles per standard issue and 70 puzzles per bumper issue.

Easier puzzles include wordsearch, straight crossword, Number Jig, Jig-Word, arroword and picture puzzles, such as Dot-to-Dot and Spot The Difference. More challenging puzzles include cryptic crossword, Alphabetical Jigsaw, Numerical Crossword, Logic Problem, Sudoku and Kakuro. See below for a complete list of puzzles included.

A large number of the puzzles are hand-compiled by a team of experienced and expert setters. Of particular note is the Round Tour puzzle – an intricately woven grid with fiendish clues, and the Alphabetical Jigsaw – a crossword in which the reader must solve a set of rhyming cryptic clues and determine the position of the answers in the grid, as if completing a jigsaw.

The central Puzzler Favourites section of the magazine is an eight- or 16-page addition featuring the most popular puzzles – Missing Links, Skeleton, codeword and Jig-a-Link – and readers are regularly invited to suggest puzzle types they would like to see included in this section.

Each issue runs the Puzzler Big Cash competition that runs across the Puzzler range, in which readers can win a share of 6,000. There are occasional seasonal competitions.

Puzzles included:

Add-A-Letter, Alphabetical Jigsaw, Arroword, Backwards, Boxwise, Codeword, Cross-Quiz, Crossword, Cryptic Crossword, Dateline, Dilemma, Dot-To-Dot, Fitword, Honeycomb, Jolly Mixtures, Kakuro, Kriss Kross, Kross-Filler, Linkword, Logic Problem, Missing Links, Number Jig, Numerical Crossword, Pathfinder, Pieceword, Roundabout, Round-Tour, Silhouette, Skeleton Crossword, Spiral, Spot The Difference, Step Ladder, Story Crossword, Wordsearch