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14 issues in 2013
160 pages
Page size:
185x255mm (7.3"x10")
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2.85 (GBP)
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Issue 242
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24 Apr 2013
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Puzzle Compendium

The Puzzle Compendium is a magazine that is designed to be shared by all members of a family, with puzzles for all abilities.

There are over 170 puzzles in each issue, too many to detail, but expect various types of crossword, arrowords, codewords, skeleton crosswords, plus wordsearch and kriss kross that usually have a seasonal theme.

Other puzzles worthy of note include logic problems and the very popular double acrostic. The Pick & Mix selection features a variety of smaller puzzles. Observational puzzles such as spot the difference and mazes are included. Three levels of sudoku appear, and the charmingly named Killer Sudoku.

Puzzles for youngsters include simple versions of codewords, crosswords, wordsearches and kriss krosses – and a variety of smaller puzzles.

A small selection of tricky tough puzzles, including Alphacipher and Numbercrostic, will challenge the most dedicated of puzzlers.

Puzzle Compendium occasionally contains seasonal competitions. Each issue comes with a free pen.

Puzzles included:

4-Square, Alpha-Fit, Anakross, Arroword, Backwards, Boxwise, Chain Gang, Codeword, Cross-Quiz, Crossword, Cube It, Double Acrostic, Fix Six, Honeycomb, In And Out, Killer Sudoku, Kriss Kross, Kross-Filler, Logic Problem, Niners, Number Jig, On The Tiles, Pairs, Pathfinder, Picture Maze, Pieceword, Pyramid, Red Herrings, Red White And Blue, Riddle, Sandwiches, Seeing Double, Skeleton Crossword, Split The Difference, Spot The Difference, The Complete Works, Three To One, Vowel Play, Word Maze, Wordsearch