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13 issues in 2014
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30 Apr 2014
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Chat Wordsearch

A light-hearted magazine for wordsearch enthusiasts. Each issue contains more than 80 puzzles, enough to keep you occupied through approximately 400 tea-breaks.

A few twists are added to many of the wordsearch puzzles. These include puzzles where the words in the grid do not run in straight lines, but along special paths; puzzles with secret messages where, once all the items have been found in the grid, the unused letters form a phrase; puzzles where you must use clues to identify a person, film, song or TV programme hidden in the grid; Pathfinder puzzles, where the listed words are laid down in a continuous trail; jigsaw searches, where each word is contained in a jigsaw shape in the grid; puzzles where you must identify the year from the clues contained in the word list; puzzles with missing letters to fill in and words connected in a chain.

There is always a pub quiz to test your general knowledge where the solutions are hidden in a letter grid and the odd Chat Fact which might come in useful down the pub; an animal story to warm your heart, a couple of light-hearted news stories to make you laugh, suggestions for the month ahead, and even a DIY horoscope wordsearch, where you get the opportunity to predict your future!

Other puzzles include a codeword, a Number Search, kriss krosses, crosswords, arrowords, Anagrams, Sudoku and a picture puzzle.

There are always three competitions with a variety of prizes up for grabs.

The design is fresh, bold and clear with some photos and the unique character, 'Loopy', to make you smile.

Puzzles featured:


Puzzles included:

Arroword, Codeword, Crossword, Kriss Kross, Number Jig, Pathfinder, Spot The Difference, Step Ladder, Sudoku