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13 issues in 2014
64 pages
Page size:
217x290mm (8.5"x11.4")
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2.30 (GBP)
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Issue 215
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14 May 2014
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Chat Crosswords

This large-format title focuses on crosswords and related puzzles.

There are more than 100 puzzles in each issue, including 39 straight crosswords.

The remainder are, in the main, popular variants and, while most resemble the standard crossword, they serve to demonstrate the versatility of this enduring favourite. In most cases, it is the style of clue that is different. Puzzles such as Know-all (general knowledge only) and cryptic need no explanation. Missing Links, Building Blocks, Double Trouble, Misprints, Backwards, Skeleton, Three-to-One, Alphabet Jigsaw and Reversal are all puzzles that are worth a look and if you are unfamiliar with any of them, do take a moment to refer to the online Puzzler Encyclopedia. The magazine also includes codewords, arrowords and Honeycombs.

Over 7,500 of prizes are to be won in each issue. There are eight competitions, including a 1,000 cash competition. You can expect a luxury holiday and the latest electronic gadgets to be among the prizes on offer.

Chat Crosswords is similar in size to a weekly magazine. It is printed in full colour. Our policy is to make sure that the use of colour is restrained and never interferes with the solving of puzzles.

Puzzles featured:


Puzzles included:

4-Square, Alphabetical Jigsaw, Arroword, Backwards, Boxwise, Codeword, Continuity, Cross-Quiz, Cryptic Crossword, Dilemma, Double Acrostic, Honeycomb, Jolly Mixtures, Lettersets, Misprints, Missing Links, On The Tiles, Outsider, Pathfinder, Pieceword, Pyramid, Skeleton Crossword, Spiral, Split The Difference, Target Practice, Three To One, Two-By-Two, Word Builder, Write Back