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13 issues in 2014
64 pages
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185x255mm (7.3"x10")
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2.00 (GBP)
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Issue 26
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14 May 2014
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Chat Codewords

Chat Codewords, the most recent addition to the Chat puzzle magazines family, is 64 pages of code-cracking fun and the first codeword magazine to put you in charge.

We've put plenty of effort into choosing codeword starters that give just enough, but not too much, information, but we can't tell whether you're a novice or an expert, or whether you're in the mood for a gentle mental workout or a brain-busting challenge. So we've given you the choice on each codeword. Use the peep-proof starters on the last page of the magazine to choose up to five decoded letters, or tackle the puzzle with none at all.

Each issue features more than 70 puzzles. The standard puzzles are based on 1515 or 1313 grids and there are also novelty codewords that change from issue to issue. Among the regular puzzles are Cryptograms, Shortcodes (where only 10 letters have to be deciphered) and Skeleton Codewords. There is also a selection of crossword variants and brain-teasers to ring the changes and keep you on your toes.

There are four competitions in each issue with a good mix of cash and other great prizes. Often comes with a free pen during peak seasons. Competitions run in conjunction with Chat Arrowords.

The design is clear, simple and user-friendly. Whether you're grabbing five minutes for a relaxing solve over a cuppa or are up for an hour of mental stimulation, Chat Codewords is cracking good value and won't let you down.

Puzzles featured:


Puzzles included:

Arroword, Cryptogram, Missing Links, Pieceword, Seeing Double, Shortcode, Skeleton Codeword, Skeleton Crossword, Staircase