Crafty Sudoku

Posted 19 Jun, 2013

I've always admired people with a hobby or talent: to have the concentration and ability to learn a particular art form and become good at it, is a remarkable gift. I wish I had the determination but instead my home is a museum to wishful thinking. Weird bushes in the front garden stand in silent, sad memorial to my days of topiary. An almost new wetsuit hangs forlorn from the bathroom door, ghost of a short enthusiasm for diving. A single knitted mitten in a drawer waits in expectation and hope for a partner. And the fridge plays host to another dismal attempt to bake the perfect cheesecake (eat it in a hurry, to be shot of its baleful accusatory stare).

Still, there is one thing that never fails to capture my attention – Sudoku. Specifically, the hand-crafted Sudoku that feature in Puzzler Sudoku magazine.

The puzzles are an amalgamation of the talent of the many gifted compilers who create puzzles for Nikoli. Some of them are full-time puzzlers, others are students, mechanics, office workers, editors – there is even an amateur magician. In their spare time, these ingenious artisans successfully create entertaining brainteasers for the rest of us to enjoy. There are no half-baked, unfinished puzzles!

To have Nikoli print one of your puzzles is quite an achievement for a puzzle designer; puzzles must be creative and interesting. I may not be talented at something else myself (yet), but in Puzzler Sudoku I get to enjoy the expertise of those who are.

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