Jane Howell

Having squandered 20 years of my early adulthood as a mathematician, computer programmer and occasional piano teacher, I joined Puzzler in 2005 in the role of puzzles archivist. I'm responsible for issuing, maintaining and assessing the level of difficulty of a vast number of word, number and logic-based puzzles. In addition, I now edit Puzzler Crossword together with a number of other magazines, covering periods of temporary staff shortage.

Whether you subscribe to the nature or nurture viewpoint, I firmly lay the blame at my parents' door for a lifelong addiction to puzzles. Mine purchased Logic Problems magazine for me on a regular basis, and later introduced me to the delights of the cryptic crossword. Still hopelessly hooked, I enjoy solving cryptic crosswords, killer sudoku and slitherlink.

During my ever-dwindling free time, I play the piano (otherwise known as a digital keyboard), wearing headphones, to avoid traumatising the neighbours unnecessarily; and read detective fiction.